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How to create a good logo
Published By angelicxine on 2012-01-04 586 Views

Introduction: Making your own logo

Out of the blue, I was checking on tips regarding to Logo. But there are very few posts shared on this topic. Most of them are advertisements from companies that provide Logo designing services.
This gives me an idea of sharing the simple tips for creating a good logo.
You can also check on the logo I've designed here and learn on the explanation for my logo together with picture.

Simple tips to a good Logo
1. It must be simple.(complicated logo makes it hard for people to remember)
2. It must be able to show effectively on different background colours.(Because some may want to use it on banner, print on T-shirt or any possible materials.)
3. It is memorable. (think of the Nike sign, can anyone not remembering it? It's simple and easy to remember!)
4. It can be differentiated easily. (think of the Nike and Mc D).
5. It will not be outdated. (Which means, it should be timeless. Even after many years later, it can still be in trend.)
6. Readable. (Words used should be legible, try avoid using Cursive writing)

Can bring out the message (what is your company or main idea?When someone look at your logo, they should be able to guess the meaning. At least to know what categories it should be in.)
8. Put unforgettable, strong-impact slogan.(it must also be suitable for your company)
9. Beware of the copyright.(Avoid using similar logo with others.Especially those from the same profession, your competitors)
10. Representative fonts and images (the use of fonts is able to show different emotions and messages. Use stylish font for Fashion & Design, for example. Images is something you want to represent your company.)

What software you can use to design a logo
There are a variety of affordable designing software available in the market. But I'll recommend Adobe Illustrator CS5 as it is somehow a more standard tool for graphic design.

Hope you enjoy reading this and try it for your own.

*I own full copyright on this article and parts of it is from the article I've previously published in hubpages.

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