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How to Make a Corner Bookmark
Published By angelicxine on 2011-12-30 717 Views

I am a person who like to collect bookmarks. This is because I prefer reading from a book instead of reading from the internet. Today I was inspired by a D.I.Y. website and would like to share a simple idea with you on how to make a corner bookmark.

My sister was sharing a D.I.Y. website with me, and I like the idea of making our own corner bookmark. So, I tried to make my own bookmark and would like to share it here with you. 

If you're a person like me, you will agree that a good bookmark include several characteristics like this:

  • thin (so it will not leave marks on your book)
  • can hang on your book (so it will not slip from your book easily)

So, making a corner bookmark should be the ideal bookmark for you!

Before I start telling you how to make a corner bookmark, let's have a look at my own corner bookmark.

So, interested? It's easy to make and it costs without a cent. I can complete it in 5 minutes (including the time for me to take photos). You may visit my Hubpages  for better view on this article. Too bad for the simple layout of Expertscolumn, I cant even include photos in my article.

1. Used envelope (the thicker, the better. But not too heavy if you want it to hold nicely on your page)
2. Used wrapping paper (I love to reuse everything, so small piece of wrapping paper is good enough)
3. Glue
4. Pencil
5. Ruler
6. Scissors

1. Fold the wrapping paper and draw a slanting line at the corner. (look at  the picture, if you don't know what I mean.)
2. Put the envelope in between the wrapping paper (remember what you need is the corner of the envelope).
3. Cut the corner of the envelope together with the wrapping paper, following the slanting line.
4. Glue the wrapping paper on the envelope corner.
5. Now, you can create more corner bookmarks! After all, you've got 4 corners for every envelop!

Now it's done! You can use several corner bookmarks to separate your book into different sections.

Enjoy! And share this simple trick with everyone!

* This is my article originally published in Hubpages with photos.

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