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Editing Skin tone within single layer (Photoshop CS5)
Published By angelicxine on 2012-02-16 1335 Views

Previously I've published one article teaching on how to edit the skin tone: you can view it from here, by clicking this link(mentioned at the end), or from here,with pictures to show,by clicking this link (mentioned at the end)

However, that include multiple steps, and maybe it's more complicated for some people. So, today I'd like to share here about how to edit skin tone within single layer. I've just figure out another easier way to edit it. Here are some steps for the beginner to try editing skin tone with Adobe photoshop. The one I'm using is CS5. It's the same with previous version, simply the buttons and placement is different. 

For asian, we all opt for fairer skin, so most asian will try to photoshop their skin to be fairer. However, you can still adjust it accordingly if you want to tan your skin on the photo. 

To make it tanned:
simple, just use burn tool and draw on the skin area

To make it fairer
1. Select skin area with Magic Wand tools>select>modify>feather
2. New adjustment layer>hue/saturation
3. Double click the layer>check colour overlay
4. Double click colour overlay>blend mode:soft light>choose the colour you want for the skin
5. Click on blending options:custom>back to the general blending options>adjust the triangle under each slider at the bottom until it looks okay for you.
6. Then it's ready for final touch up

Good luck for trying on your own!

expertscolumn.com/content/photoshop-cs5-editing-skin-tone-beginners-guide To view with photos: http://angelicxinephotoshop.blogspot.com/2012/02/photoshop-cs5-editing-skin-tone.html

For Chinese version, click on this link (http://mylifeaswriterangelicxine88writer.


* I own the copyright of this article and it might consist certain paragraphs similar to the one I've published before in Hubpages.

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